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Learning To Fully 
Rely On God
Learning to "Fully Rely on God" is a journey. It is something that is practiced every day. A piano student doesn't become a concert pianist over night. Learning to "fully rely on God" is not something you can learn overnight either. Just like a student who practices everyday, the Christian must practice his faith everyday. It is a learning process.   How do we learn to "fully rely on God"?

We do it through Bible Study, word of prayer, and daily devotions. We also learn by being active in church, fellowshipping with other believers and living a Godly life. God has given me the desire to share my faith with others. It is my desire to share my faith with as many people as I can; so that together we can be part of God's family. God has inspired me to write devotions sharing His Word, His Love and His Compassion for all peoples. The devotions you will see are all God inspired. I have always said God is the author; I am the instrument. I write not for my own glory, but so Christ may receive glory and honor. My prayer is for each of you to read, share my devotions and draw a little closer to God not because of anything I write, but because of the message God has shared with me. May God bless you as you learn to "fully rely on God" each and every day!
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